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Monte-Carlo Event Generator EDDE

EDDE processes

  • Fig.1: soft exclusive central diffractive (excl.CD), soft exclusive Double Pomeron Exchange (excl.DPE) process or soft Exclusive Double Diffractive Event (EDDE) in the literature. IPs and IR are soft pomeron and reggeon correspondingly. Mc< 3 GeV is the invariant mass of the central system.
  • Fig.2: hard exclusive Central Diffraction (hard EDDE or hard excl.DPE). Both hadrons are scattered elastically (or with low mass dissociation). Mc>3 GeV is the invariant mass of the central system of hadrons produced in the hard scattering (hard Reggeon-Reggeon fusion).
  • Fig.3: possible processes in the singlet gluon-gluon fusion (from hard Pomeron-Pomeron fusion). a) dijet production; b) 3 jets production; c) two electro-weak vector bosons production; d) heavy quarkonia production; e) Higgs boson production; f) other resonances of the Standard Model or its extensions (glueball, Radion, Gravitons, SUSY particles, Unparticles and so on).

EDDE means Exclusive Double Diffractive Events, i.e. events of the type a + b => a + X + b, where a, b are hadrons, X is the centrally produced hadronic system and + means Large Rapidity Gap (LRG). In the literature this events are usually called Exclusive Central Diffraction (exCD) or Exclusive Double Pomeron Exchange (exDPE). This processes are depicted in Figs. 1, 2, all the produced states are presented in the Fig. 3.

More information can be found on the web-page of the IHEP Diffractive Group


Source files and the card file for EDDE v2.1


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